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✓ Complete and safe multivitamin with folate and iron designed for all stages of pregnancy, including preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding

✓ Formula includes choline for fetal brain and neuronal development*

✓ Bacillus subtilis, a probiotic strain that is commonly found in human amniotic fluid and breastmilk*

✓ Contains Organic Nourishing & Comfort Blend to boost nutrient absorption with natural cofactors*

✓ Mini tablet for easy use


Supports you through different stages of pregnancy

Formulated with essential nutrients that cover you and your baby’s need before, during and after pregnancy, Prenatal Mini is a comprehensive, organic food-based multivitamin mini tablet that supports mom and baby’s development throughout pregnancy.*


  • Satisfies your nutrients need before, during and after pregnancy

  • Promotes fetal brain development*

  • Supports mom’s and baby’s immunity*

  • Alleviates occasional constipation during pregnancy*

  • Promotes a healthy gestation period*


Choline and Bacillus subtilis

Choline contributes to the formation of acetylcholine neurotransmitters that are vital for memory and cognitive functions of fetus.

Bacillus subtilis, a probiotic strain that is found in human amniotic fluid and breastmilk^, helps provide digestive support during pregnancy.*


Multivitamins including folate and iron

Formulated with essential nutrients for pregnancy.

  • Folate: helps promote fetal brain, nervous system and spinal cord development

  • Iron: maintains healthy red blood cells production and energy utilization.* A highly purified form of iron is used in our formula, which is well tolerated by body with minimized gastrointestinal side effects.

  • Iodine: supports fetal brain, visual motor skills and hearing development*

  • Vitamin B complex: supports cellular energy production and body utilization of folic acid*

  • Vitamin C & Zinc: promotes healthy immune system*


Mini tablet

Slim and small tablet for easy use and digestion.

Easier to swallow tablets

We know that taking big pills every day can be a challenge, especially when you’re pregnant and your body is changing every day. That’s why we designed our product to be slimmer, smaller and easier to take, making for a better experience so that you can get the best possible results.

Organic Nourishing & Comfort Blend

Organic fruit and vegetable naturally contain cofactors for optimal nutrient absorption.




Take 2 tablets daily with a meal


Suitable for:

Women in preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding stages



Store below 75°F (24°C) in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
Refrigeration is not required, but recommended. Exposing our natural products to higher than recommended storage temperatures or humidity may cause product degradation.



^ Bhatt, Vaibhav & Vaidya, et al; Isolation and Characterization of Probiotic Bacteria from Human Milk. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Health Care. 2012, 3. 62-70 Gusdon, John P.; A Bactericidin for Bacillus Subtilis in Pregnancy. The Journal of Immunology 1962, 88 (4) 494-499
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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