Baby DHA + D3 Complete- Hospital Authority

450 purity checks 大腦和眼睛健康 甘油三酯形式

You know your baby is getting the best with over 450 purity checks!

The first years of your babys’ life is when brain development is rapidly occurring. During this time It is essential to provide your baby with a complete omega-3 profile for brain, eye and bone development. 

 What you get:

  • Over 450 purity checks for the most premium cod oil
  • Complete Omega 3 profile (DHA, EPA, DPA) sourced from the fresh and pure waters of the Bering Sea off the Aleutian Islands
  • Sustainable line caught Alaskan cod are flash frozen within one hour of catch
  • MSC certification for the world’s most sustainable supply chain that can trace down to the vessel where the fish was caught
  • Supports healthy brain development and cognitive function
  • Cold pressed to lock in freshness
    Gluten Free 非轉基因 Dairy Free 無蔗糖 No synthetic preservatives

    鱈魚油能提供給嬰兒所需的天然奧米加3營養。 DHA 是一種奧米加3脂肪酸,是大腦和眼睛的主要構成成分,大腦中奧米加-3佔97%,眼睛視網膜中奧米加-3佔93%。


    存放在75°F(24°C)以下的干燥地方,避免陽光直射。 請在開封產品後後冷藏,並於三個月內使用。